Team ········· Yotam Ben Hur
                     Tamar Salinger
Type ········· Urban Landscape
Year ······ 2013
Status ······· Academic

Zhoushan 舟山路 Rise-Lane®
The project seeks to develop parametric design and planning methodologies based on existing patterns in the Tilanqiao region in Shanghai, China. An investigation of the chinese traditional Shikumen houses through the repetitive patterns constituted of formal, morphological or behavioral patterns. Zhoushan Rise Lane inverts the public and private street section by creating a Collective Rooftop, allowing the residents to perform their private activities on groud level, while promoting a collective new surface above the existing Shikumen's rooftops. A topographic system that provides circulation and  spaces of gathering. An  alternative to the existing street and community life that enhances the collective and individual essence.