Team ········· Yotam Ben Hur
Type ········· Educational
Year ······ 2015
Status ······· Academic

Wave Hill Academy®
"These trees are magnificent, but even more magnificent is the sublime and moving space between them, as though with their growth it too increased." (Gaston Bachelard, 'The Poetics of Space').

Visiting our site at Wave Hill, one most immediately absorb the impact of the trees surrounding him. In a forest filled with trees, and only a number of scattered built structures, it was clear that the trees were 9n control of the space, and that their impact on visitors is greater than any other element that exists on site.

To understand the relationship between the trees and the site, I produced a series of sections covering large portions of the site. Examining different conditions of figure ground, build and unbuilt, solids and voids, where I ended up with a 'bark-like' mapping of the trees on site, according to their location, size and intensity.

In the making of the 'site analysis' model the mapping was translated into a repetitive world of rectangles emphasizing even more the spatial voids created between the trees on site.

A joint model, representing a structural idea of making the site, which later became a representation of not only structure, but also of light, skin and space.

As a response to the strong verticality of the trees I had created an endless horizontal element dominating it's surroundings. The building is divided into three parts by two clear and open entrances. Entering from the south entrance are the private residence, separated from the semi public work spaces. On the other end is the auditorium space.

Using the railed joint system I created an outer skin shell, semi open to the outside. Within it are the sealed spaces, arranged in different positions, creating a constantly changing relationship to the skin and to the outside. In a way, the structural skin became Bachelard's forest, with the inner spaces as the rooted trees, and between them were the movings spaces for the visitor to explore.