Team ········· Yotam Ben Hur
Type ········· Cultural
Year ······ 2012
Status ······· Academic

Bat Yam Music Hall®
A Music Hall for the city of Bat Yam, in the center of Israel.

The project derives its inspiration from the work and movement of the stone sculpturer, focusing on the phonomenon of the stone's rupture. An occurrence that holds epicenters, builds up, penetrates different layers and eventually efffects the entire surface.Through a series of conceptual models made of metal net, and preceeding models made of rubber and nails, we create such "free" surface, that absorbs an external force, effected by it, and reforms, through different layers. The transition from conceptual to concrete included a series of models made of metal grid and stretched fabric to create spaces impacting one another, expressing the initial ideas of the stone rupture . Finally translating to a final model made of plaster paper.