Team ········· Yotam Ben Hur
Type ········· Housing
Year ······ 2017
Status ······· Academic

Tidelands Synthetic Nature ®
The degree of change in the way Londoners cohabit the city today compared to the last century is an opportunity for a radically different approach to the architecture of the multistory residential building. This studio draws inspiration from an earlier high-density ‘continental’ model developed by Georges-Eugène Haussmann, as well as architecture’s potential to embody diversity, inclusivity, and social mobility.

The project offers a direct contact between its residents and the exterior environment- both urban and natural. Using the large footprint of the site, as an excuse to maximize the relationship between people and the outside. As shown here, the site strategy, entails maximizing the area of the city block, dividing it to max width segments, shifting heights in relation to points of interest, pulling down mass to maximize view, and finally creating courtyards in between the linear massing.  A direct relationship to the outside, will minimize the ‘tiresome’ moments of ‘in-between’, as seen in projects similar in scale and typology, built in London post -WWII housing crisis. By allowing each unit direct contact to the exterior, the project will empower the residents’ sense of individuality.